Medicaid Unwinding Updates

Dear Families, there is important information regarding the Medicaid Unwinding Updates that will affect millions of families across the state of Florida. Please click here to see what you will need to know and do to be prepared for this process.

Dental Care Tips for Children

When was the last time your child visited the dentist? Are they brushing their own teeth yet? Check out this flyer for tips on teaching your child about taking care of their teeth!

Resources for Children with Special Health Care Needs

Children’s Medical Services (CMS) is a collection of special programs for eligible children with special needs. The CMS Health Plan is for children who: Are under age 21 and eligible for Medicaid or Have special healthcare needs that require extensive preventive and ongoing care The need for preventive and ongoing care could mean working with several different providers at once. It might also mean working with state agencies or finding local community resources. The plan’s goal is to … Read more

Tummy Time – What You Need to Know

What is Tummy Time? Tummy Time is one of baby’s first exercises—and the most important! Tummy Time is the period during the day your baby spends awake and on their stomach. It is a crucial exercise for baby’s motor, visual, and sensory development. Baby can begin Tummy Time as a newborn. They can continue to do Tummy Time throughout their first year. Tummy Time: Know the Basics Why does my baby need Tummy Time? To … Read more

Ten Bedtime Tips for Kids

A survey by KidsHealth found that 70% of kids said they wished they could get more sleep and 71% of kids said they felt sort of sleepy or very sleepy when it’s time to wake up for school. These fun bedtime tips for kids will give children what they want and create a little more downtime for mom and dad. It’s a win win for everyone! Article shared from Stress Free Kids Top 10 bedtime tips … Read more