How to Support Your Child’s Social Skills Development

Social skills in children include sharing, cooperating, listening, following directions, respecting personal space, making eye contact, and using manners. When children have good social skills, they’re able to form and enjoy better relationships with others. They also have reduced stress and greater success in school. Try these activities to support your child’s social development: Infants Take turns pressing the button on a toy, rolling a ball back and forth, or holding a rattle or soft … Read more

VPK’s New Assessment

Florida’s Assessment of Student Thinking (FAST) using Star Early Literacy The goal of the VPK program is to help develop and nurture students’ skills to be kindergarten ready. This year children in VPK will be taking Renaissance Star Early Literacy® to gauge their performance on early literacy skills and early numeracy skills as part of Florida’s Assessment of Student Thinking (FAST). The assessment will be administered at least three times – the beginning, middle and … Read more

Healthy Reading Habits

Early literacy is one of the keys to a child’s success in life, including academics. Other than helping your child to grow up happy and healthy, the most important thing that you can do for them is help them develop their reading skills. The brain grows quickly within the first five years of life, establishing early literacy skills can help a child be kindergarten-ready and create a willingness to learn.   Check out these tips … Read more

Ways To Help Develop Your Child’s Social-Emotional Skills

The development of social-emotional skills in the early years begins a foundation for many other developmental and educational skills such as literacy, and other cognitive abilities. Social-emotional skills are important for: Regulating emotions The ability to share with others Follow instructions Understand the emotions of others Show empathy For any age, children need a role model to show them what these social emotional skills should look like. There are several ways you can help the … Read more