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DEL Memo: VPK Director Credential for Private Providers

All private VPK Providers must have a director with a current VPK Director Credential to be eligible for contracting in the 2022-2023 program year. The below memo and flyer provides information regarding this requirement and identifies the five training courses that a director must have completed in order to obtain or maintain a VPK Director Credential.   DEL Memo DCF Flyer: VPK Director Endorsement

Division of Early Learning Announces New Training Opportunities for ELC and Redlands Christian Migrant Association Staff

The Division of Early Learning’s School Readiness Unit is pleased to announce the fifth date for the Signs of Quality Tool Training on the FSU 10 Components of Quality Care for Infants and Toddlers system. The full schedule of Preschool Development Birth through Five Renewal Grant-funded training opportunities for ELC and RCMA staff are as follows: Signs of Quality Tool Training A 2-day training that prepares participants to use the 10 Components observation tool to … Read more

Teaching Children about Emotions: Resources & Tips

Teaching Your Child to: Identify and Express Emotions Teaching Emotions: Activity Ideas for Families Cómo enseñar a su hijo a: identificary expresar los Enseñando emociones: ideas de actividades para compartir con las familias Teaching Your Child About Feelings (from birth – age 2) Cómo enseñar a su hijo acerca de los sentimientos entre el nacimiento y los 2 años de edad How to Help Your Child Understand and Label Emotions Cómo ayudar a su niño … Read more

Resources for Teaching Children Social-Emotional Skills

Teaching children how to regulate their emotions is integral to their development. Check out these resources for ways to teach those skills during your everyday interactions.   Holidays: Strategies for Success Teaching Your Child to Identify and Express Emotions Helping Children Understand Emotions When Wearing Masks Teaching Emotions: Activity Ideas to Share With Families Ensenando emociones: ideas de actividades para compartir con las familias Using Positive Words: Examples for Telling Children What to Do Instead … Read more