Florida Child Care Providers: Important Info Regarding Vehicle Alarm Manufacturers

From the Florida Department of Children & Families

October 4, 2021

To Florida Child Care Providers,

According to s. 402.305(10), F.S., by January 1, 2022, child care providers operating either child care facilities or large family child care homes will be required to install an alarm system in each vehicle used to transport children. The Office of Child Care Regulation has prepared a final list of alarm manufacturing companies for child care providers.

The list can be found on the child care website at the following link: Alarm Manufacturing Companies. (For pricing, click the link at the bottom of this post.)

Please keep in mind this is a list of manufacturing companies only. Child care providers may purchase these products through a variety of sellers.

The Office of Child Care Regulation’s provision of the list of manufacturers does not constitute an express or implied endorsement of any of the listed companies or their products. This is a list of manufacturing companies that meet the minimum requirements. 

If any child care providers already have alarm systems installed in their vehicles, they may continue to use their alarm systems provided the alarm is in working order and meets certain criteria. However, when the alarm system is no longer functioning, child care providers must secure an alarm system from the approved list.

If you have any questions regarding the alarm, please work with your licensing counselor.

Thank you,

Office of Child Care Regulation

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