Healthy Reading Habits

Early literacy is one of the keys to a child’s success in life, including academics. Other than helping your child to grow up happy and healthy, the most important thing that you can do for them is help them develop their reading skills. The brain grows quickly within the first five years of life, establishing early literacy skills can help a child be kindergarten-ready and create a willingness to learn.


Check out these tips for preparing your child to read from Just Read, Florida!:

• Point to objects and describe them as you play and do daily activities together. Having a large vocabulary gives a child a great start when entering school.

• Use sounds, songs, gestures and words that rhyme to help your baby learn about language, and its many uses.

• Point out the printed words in your home and other places you take your child such as the grocery store.

• Read to your baby every day starting at 6 months of age. It is one of the best ways to develop early literacy skills.

• Help your child see that reading is important. Set a good example for your child by reading books, newspapers and magazines.

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