How to Support Your Child’s Social Skills Development

Social skills in children include sharing, cooperating, listening, following directions, respecting personal space, making eye contact, and using manners. When children have good social skills, they’re able to form and enjoy better relationships with others. They also have reduced stress and greater success in school.

Try these activities to support your child’s social development:

Take turns pressing the button on a toy, rolling a ball back and forth, or holding a rattle or soft toy in your hands.

The “Name Game”

While sitting in a circle with at least one other person, ask your child to choose another person by rolling a ball to them and saying their name.

Play games such as “Simon Says” and “Red Light, Green Light” to promote practicing following directions and self-control.

In dramatic play, pretend to be a family of animals and dress up as chefs. Then pretend to bake a cake together or take turns being statues and having another person pose the statue in various ways.


For more information on social skills in children, visit Social Skills

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