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Inclusion Warmline




To reach a Quality and Inclusion Specialist, you can fill out and submit the form at the bottom of the page or call 386-323-2400, no need to listen to the greeting just press 3 then press 1.

No child should ever be asked to leave or be expelled from a child care program without the provider first contacting ELCFV for assistance. Every program is not right for every child; however, providers have an obligation to work with parents, access resources available in the community and do all they can to meet each child’s needs.

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Books and Tips that Promote Life Skills


All of the tools and resources can be accessed online by families who are waiting for intervention services to start. The “Screen My Child” feature can be used for children under 20 months. The online parent group (SCGC GT) assists parents with understanding their child’s delays and teaching them what they can do from home. The Autism Navigator has additional resources and lists several courses available to you free of charge.


Joey’s Gift Respite program is a healthy break for parents to safely drop off their children with special needs and spend that Saturday to relax! It is designed to care for your child with special needs between the ages of 1-18. Easterseal’s trained staff and volunteers care for your children in the safe and fun environment of Easterseals Child Development Center. Siblings are welcome!

If your families are interested in this opportunity, please hand them this flyer.

Inclusion Support Request Form