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The Director Academy

Are you an experienced director wanting to give back to our early learning community? Join our Academy as a mentor and support a new director!

Are you new to the role of director and feel you would benefit from the support of a mentor? Join our Academy as a mentee!

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Noni Teaching Strategies

Noni is a researched-based digital app partner used to give teachers tools, in-the-moment, to help children who are struggling with behaviors.

There are also supportive components to provide self-care for the teachers. It is quick, easy, and helpful. This not time consuming for the teacher!

ELCFV will cover the $450 subscription and training cost for the first year of access, for teachers actively working in the classroom.

Learn more.

Recruit New ECE Professionals FAQ's

Who conducts performance evaluation?

Each provider will complete the performance evaluation of the teacher recruit.

Can it be retroactive?

No. To be eligible for this project, the teacher must be hired after April 1, 2022.

Is eligibility only for new teachers to the field or are those transferring from another program also eligible?

Teacher recruits must be new to the field of early childhood education or must have been out of the ECE field for more than one year. A teacher transferring from another provider is not eligible. 

Is required training to be done during working hours?

The required training does not need to be completed during business hours (when children are present), but the teacher must be paid for the hours they attend the training. 

Do part-time and afterschool teachers qualify also?

Yes, as long as they work with children birth to up to school age.

As of 9/30/22, $13 an hour expected pay just for new recruits or for whole staff?

The expectation is that all staff will be paid at least $13 per hour. CRRSA and ARPA grant funding (recently/being awarded to child care providers) included allocations that must be spent on the workforce and wages meet the criteria.  

What if the teacher takes a summer break?

If the teacher recruit takes a summer break, that time off would not count towards their 6 months on the job. Example: if hired April 1st and works until May 31st (2 months). would need to return after summer break and work 4 additional months to be eligible for the $500 bonus and classroom materials.

What about current teachers?

Current teachers are not eligible. ELCFV has resources available for current teachers including Noni and other training opportunities.  

What providers are eligible?

As of April 20, 2022: Provider must be contracted with ELCFV for School Readiness to be eligible. VPK only contracted providers are eligible only if the new teacher is hired specifically to teach in a VPK classroom. 

What if a teacher recruit quits before completing 160 hours of employment?

Provider will only be eligible for reimbursement of the background check and any training that the teacher recruit completed in the first 30 days. Provider will not be reimbursed for the hours worked.

What is the maximum number of teacher recruits a provider can submit an application for?

As of June 1, 2022, each provider is eligible to submit up to 3 applications for teacher recruits for this project. This may change depending upon funding availability.

Director Academy FAQ's

Can the mentor be the direct supervisor of the mentee?

The Director Academy is to support new directors who do not have training available within their organization.

What about VPK contracted providers?

As of May 1, 2022, the Director Academy is for both SR and VPK contracted providers. 

How many mentees can one mentor have?

Mentors may have up to 2 mentees.

How are mentors going to be matched to mentees?

The following will be taken into consideration when matching: geographic location, program size, program type, and affiliation (religious, franchised).

If a teacher is going through classes now to get their Director Credentials, are they eligible?

To be eligible, the mentee must be in the director position.

What is the target date?

Applications will be accepted until all 25 seats for new directors are filled.

What is the time commitment for mentors?

Approximately 3 to 4 hours per month.

What is the time commitment for mentees?

Approximately 5 to 6 hours per month.

Upcoming Informational Meetings & Communities of Practice

Monthly General Informational Meeting


Teacher Recruit Cohort 1 Community of Practice (CoP) #3 – required


Teacher Recruit Cohort 2 Community of Practice (CoP) #1 – required

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