Ten Bedtime Tips for Kids

A survey by KidsHealth found that 70% of kids said they wished they could get more sleep and 71% of kids said they felt sort of sleepy or very sleepy when it’s time to wake up for school. These fun bedtime tips for kids will give children what they want and create a little more downtime for mom and dad. It’s a win win for everyone!

Article shared from Stress Free Kids

Top 10 bedtime tips you and your child will love!

  • Serve up a mostly banana, banana split for an early evening snack. The high content of potassium, magnesium and serotonin found in bananas promote relaxation and earns you big points with the kids.
  • Teach your child belly breathing with a story called Sea Otter Cove. This simple, self-calming technique decreases stress and insures a more restful sleep.
  • Have a good laugh! Take turns telling jokes or reading a joke book together. Laughter is a great stress reducer and encourages happy dreams.
  • Be creative! Paint a soothing dolphin on your child’s bedroom wall or hang a large photo of their favorite pet. It is comforting to fall asleep looking at a smiling face.
  • Try an eye pillow. The gentle pressure is soothing and some are scented with calming lavender. It is a novelty for kids and it keeps their eyes closed just long enough to fall asleep.
  • Change your child’s bed sheets and blanket to a calming shade of blue. Blue’s restful and peaceful qualities evoke images of tropical waters and clear skies.
  • Create a kid spa by making a bubble bath and lighting candles instead of lights. Yes, even kids enjoy pampering themselves.
  • Take your child outside to blow bubbles prior to bed. Imagine putting anything you are worried about into the bubble and watch it float away. The Indigo Dreams: Garden of Wellness CD has a bubble blowing story to reinforce this activity.
  • Exchange foot rubs, back massages, or facials. You and your child will both benefit from this one!