Babies Rock

The Babies Rock program brings community volunteers into infant classrooms to interact with babies and give them extra one-on-one attention. It’s a great opportunity to help the babies learn to bond to more than one person which simultaneously teaches them about trust and closeness to people.

Babies who are held and comforted when they need it during the first six months of their life tended to be more secure and confident as toddlers and older children. If a baby spends at least one year in an infant room benefiting from the one-on-one attention a Babies Rock volunteer provides, imagine how much more that confidence level can skyrocket?

In addition to holding and playing with the babies, volunteers spend plenty of time reading and talking to them. “The idea of babies and toddlers talking and reading can seem incredible, but language and literacy skills start early-from birth. Talking to babies at this early age nourishes them with language and puts them on the path to learning to read and a lifetime of opportunities. Literacy is a process that builds over time, with each new skill adding to the one before. Literacy is not just a skill, it is also a love – a love of books and the magic they offer” (Samantha Murillo, Talk With Me Baby).

What Do Volunteers Do?

It might sound crazy, but volunteers spend most of their time rocking babies with Babies Rock!

After completing a Safe Sleep training and reviewing Talk with Me Baby videos with our Literacy Initiatives Coordinator, they are assigned an infant classroom to visit for at least one hour each week. 

Volunteers Do:

Hold / Rock

Play & Sing


Volunteers Do Not:

Bottle or spoon feed babies


Interested in Volunteering?

If you’d like to volunteer for Babies Rock, please complete the form below. Please note, all applicants must be willing to undergo a Level II Background check to be considered to volunteer.