Challenging Behaviors

What can you do at home?

The Pyramid Model includes ideas that help both the parent and teacher in showing children skills to understand and manage their feelings. The model supports parents and teachers working together to support the child both at home and in school. 

The tiers help all children in the program, with the top tier providing supports to the children that need it the most. Children learn about friendships, feelings, problem solving, and ways to manage their anger and frustration at school, home, and in the community. 

How it works

We have partnered with the Division of Early Learning and University of South Florida to bring this training locally to our centers and families. 

The Pyramid Model focuses on promoting the social, emotional, and behavioral outcomes from birth to five years old. When the ideas are implemented from the model, it helps to reduce the use of inappropriate discipline practices, promotes families and teachers working together, shares data to help make decisions, and fosters inclusion of all children into the classrooms. 

Social-Emotional Resources

Build your child’s social-emotional skills with the Backpack Connections tip sheets, developed by The Technical Assistance Center on Social-Emotional Intervention:

There are tip sheets for a variety of topics, including:

How to Help Your Child Stop Biting
How to Help Your Child Avoid Meltdowns
How to Help Your Child Understand and Label Emotions

Be sure to visit the News & Resources section each month for updated resources and tips for helping your child’s behavioral development!

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Teaching Social-Emotional Skills to Children

Learn More

To learn more about the Pyramid Model and see additional resources available, visit National Center for Pyramid Model Innovations NCPMI.

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