Local Early Childhood Education Jobs

Thank you for your interest in the early childhood education field.  Click on a job for more information. 

Volusia County:

JOB TITLE: Full-time Toddler Teacher, Full-time Infant Teacher

PAY: $12.25


PHONE: (386) 252-7193

EMAIL: bevilleroad@kindercare.com

HOW TO APPLY: www.kcecareers.com

JOB TITLE: Lead Teacher; Assistant Teacher – full and part-time available

PAY: Lead Teacher- $14/hr; Assistant Teacher- $11/hr


PHONE: (407) 235-8910

EMAIL: cdmills59@gmail.com 

HOW TO APPLY: In-person @ 121 South Palmetto Avenue, Daytona Beach or Facebook

JOB TITLE: Full-time teachers for different care-levels

PAY: $11.50 – $13/hr.


PHONE: (386) 738-0441

EMAIL: Admin@SteppingStonesDeland.com 

HOW TO APPLY: salary.com 

JOB TITLE: Infant Teacher; Toddler Teacher

PAY: Starting $12/hr.

CONTACT PERSON: Annette Pelham

PHONE: (386) 492-5984

EMAIL: lannettestender@att.net 

HOW TO APPLY: In person @ 1223 Center Avenue, Holly Hill or Facebook

JOB TITLE: Full-time Preschool Teacher

PAY: $15/hr.

CONTACT PERSON: Patricia Quigley

PHONE: (386) 679-7851

EMAIL: inspirations.learning@yahoo.com 

HOW TO APPLY: Send resume to inspirations.learning@yahoo.com or interest to https://www.inspirationslearningcenternorth.org/contact

JOB TITLE: Full-time Infant Teacher; Full-time Toddler Teacher; Full-time Preschool Teacher

PAY: With completed 45 DCF training hours – $12/hr; with CDA – $15 – $17/hr.; with Director’s Credentials – $17 – $19/hr.

CONTACT PERSON: Shirley Tellis

PHONE: (386) 333-9318

EMAIL: holly.hill@kidscabana.org 

HOW TO APPLY: Call (386) 333-9318 or in-person @ 999 Third Street, Holly Hill  or email resume to holly.hill@kidscabana.org 

JOB TITLE: Full-time Infant Teacher; Full-time 2-year-old Teacher

PAY: $13 – $15/hr

CONTACT PERSON: Nickiesha Francis

PHONE: (386) 872-7638

EMAIL: kidsjustwanttobekids@gmail.com 

HOW TO APPLY: Call (386) 872-7638 or email resume to kidsjustwanttobekids@gmail.com 

JOB TITLE: Full-time Toddler Teacher; Part-time Afternoon Toddler Teacher

PAY: negotiable

CONTACT PERSON: Carmen Caraballo

PHONE: (386) 228-0779

EMAIL: caeladirector@gmail.com 

HOW TO APPLY: Send resume to caeladirector@gmail.com with a copy of your DCF transcript

JOB TITLE: Lead and Assistant Teachers

PAY: $12.50 – $13/hr.

CONTACT PERSON: Christina Antinori

PHONE: (386) 210-4284

EMAIL: steamstationedu@gmail.com

HOW TO APPLY: Email cover letter, resume, and other helpful information to steamstationedu@gmail.com

JOB TITLE: Full-time Teachers and Teacher Aids

PAY: $12-$16/hr.

PHONE: (386) 775-9100

EMAIL: preschool@emmauspreschool.com

HOW TO APPLY: Indeed.com

JOB TITLE: All-Age teacher positions for current and new second school location

PAY: $12 – $15/hr.

CONTACT PERSON: Catherine Reno

PHONE: (386) 561-9976

EMAIL: C.reno@platosplaygrounds.com 

HOW TO APPLY: Submit resume @ C.reno@platosplaygrounds.com; apply on Indeed.com; Facebook.com

JOB TITLE: Full-time Teacher

PAY: $10-$15/hr. (dependent upon experience)

CONTACT PERSON: Gloria Gonsalves

PHONE: (386) 673-1401

EMAIL: gtgllc@aol.com

HOW TO APPLY: In person @ 231 Hernandez Avenue, Ormond Beach, 32174

JOB TITLE: Full-time Infant Teacher; Full-time Toddler Teacher; Full-time Preschool 3 Teacher; Floater/Closer Teacher

PAY: $11/hr. + dependent upon training and experience levels


PHONE: (386) 673-2339

EMAIL: ormond1@kidcityusa.com 

HOW TO APPLY: In person @ 50 Coolidge Avenue, Ormond Beach

JOB TITLE: Toddler Teacher; 3-year-old Teacher; VPK Teacher

PAY: with DCF 45 hours Training complete– $13 – $15/hr.; with CDA– $15 – $16/hr.

CONTACT PERSON: Angela Kennedy

PHONE: (386) 256-2580

EMAIL: south.daytona@kidscabana.org 

HOW TO APPLY: Indeed.com or in person @ 949 Beville Road, South Daytona

Flagler County:

JOB TITLE: Full-time Two y/o Assistant Teacher

PAY: $12.50/hr.

CONTACT PERSON: Kelly Dougherty

PHONE: (386) 437-2538

EMAIL: hope9106angel@yahoo.com

HOW TO APPLY: In-person @ 601 N. Peach Street Bunnell – ask for Kelly

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