The 3Ts

Tune In. Talk More. Take Turns.

The 3Ts are FREE powerful tools and tips parents can use to make the most of daily interactions with their child (ages birth to 3 years).

The 3Ts encourage the use of verbal communication skills to enhance everyday moments.

About the 3Ts Program

The 3Ts program was developed by a team at the TMW Center for Early Learning and Public Health (TMW Center) at the University of Chicago.

The program is made up of free resources designed to help parents understand how important their role is in their child’s brain development.

What are the 3Ts?

The 3Ts are free and don’t require any extra time out of your day. They can be used anytime, anywhere to build your child’s brain!

Tune In: Be in the moment.


Talk More. Use a wide variety of words.


Take Turns. Engage your child in conversation.

Parent Resources

You can access all things 3Ts via the Digital Tool, available for free on any smartphone, tablet, or computer in both English and Spanish.

Register today at the3ts.org to gain access to these resources!

Complete the 3Ts Parent Training!

After registering on the 3Ts website, choose The Early Learning Coalition of Flagler and Volusia as your ‘affiliate organization.’

You will be guided through lessons about foundational brain development, 3T’s strategies, and videos on others using the 3T’s in everyday settings.

Complete the Parent Training and email us your Parent Champion certificate to receive a $20 Target gift card!

Become a 3Ts Partner in Flagler and Volusia Counties

As a 3Ts Ambassador, you’ll learn the importance of Tuning In, Talking More, and Taking Turns. You’ll also learn how to share the 3Ts with parents so they can set their child up for success.

Anyone who reaches families (schools, museums, libraries, community centers, etc.) can register for FREE 3Ts resources at partners.the3ts.org