VPK’s New Assessment

Florida’s Assessment of Student Thinking (FAST) using Star Early Literacy

The goal of the VPK program is to help develop and nurture students’ skills to be kindergarten ready. This year children in VPK will be taking Renaissance Star Early Literacy® to gauge their performance on early literacy skills and early numeracy skills as part of Florida’s Assessment of Student Thinking (FAST). The assessment will be administered at least three times – the beginning, middle and end of the program year to – monitor your child’s progress. The assessment can be administered more frequently as needed to ensure learning targets are being met.

Star Early Literacy is a computer-adaptive assessment taken on a computer or tablet (e.g., iPad®) and uses audio narration to read the questions to students. The questions get easier or more difficult depending on how the student responds. The assessment typically takes 15 to 20 minutes to complete.

Star Early Literacy will provide important information for your child’s teacher to plan instruction to meet your child’s educational needs. Access the Family Guide to Assessments