Providers: Check Your Portal for ASQs

Hello Provider,

I am sending a reminder to check your portal for ASQ’s. All screenings are now being processed through the portal. Have you checked your portal today? Have you made it a habit to check it daily? I highly recommend that you try to check daily. ASQ’s and rescreens will be coming on different days. No more first and 15th of the month routine. They come into your portal and you have 45 days to complete them from that day.

If a child leaves your program, you need to terminate them in your portal, or you will get their ASQ when it comes due. Also, if the child is receiving therapy from an outside entity the ASQ is not needed. Please contact us so we can remove the ASQ request.

Please check out the videos below for information and guidance. If you need any assistance, please feel free to connect with me. We can do a zoom call so I can see your screen and try to help you navigate the new way. I am learning it myself, so we are in this together.


You will not have to complete a permission slip with the parent now. When you receive it in your portal, it because the parent gave you permission to complete it. To learn more about the process, please review the video here: Provider Portal – How to Complete and Submit Screening. – YouTube

You should watch this video to see how you can add and view screening notes for the child’s score.

You will now receive the scores immediately. If there are concerns, the parent will not get the results immediately. Those scores will be sent to ELCFV and Family services will follow up with the family.

To search for screening records, please watch this video. This will give you access to all children’s ASQ screenings and any areas of concerns.

The ASQ screening must be completed and submitted through the portal. You may choose to give the child’s teacher a paper ASQ so that he/she can record answers as she observes the child in the classroom. The answers must be entered and submitted in the online system from the portal. If, for some reason the child is not present, you can do an ASQ based on your knowledge of the child.

You can use the knowledge you have of the child to complete the screening, with a signed permission slip from the parent.

For non-SR children, you can submit an ASQ 3 screening now at this link: Help Me Grow | ELCFV

If you have any questions, please contact me at 386-317-3371 or email me at mbeauregard@elcfv.org

Thank you for your ongoing support to the children, families and staff you support.

Micky Beauregard