What Is Inclusion?

Any child who needs additional support to learn is given the necessary accommodations to meaningfully participate in their program at the child care facility. This support is provided by specially trained personnel called Inclusion Specialists.

They can aid and consult parents with children with disabilities or special health care needs. They are also available to teachers and child care centers who request information relating to similar care of the children they serve.


Is your child's development on track?

Wondering about your child’s development is natural.

Have you asked yourself:

  • Is my child behind?
  • What skills should my child have?
  • My child isn’t talking yet or can’t say “th” sounds well, is that okay?


Are you experiencing challenging behaviors in your classroom?

If you have ever cared for a child who exhibits challenging behaviors such as hitting, biting or defiance, you know it can be stressful. We are here to help you meet the needs of diverse learners of all types and ages.

Call our Warm Line!

The Warm Line is a great resource for support, information, and referrals regarding the inclusion of children with special needs and disabilities. Child care center staff, providers, and families can request information relating to the special needs of their children. Our Inclusion Specialists help with:

  • Curriculum
  • Child Development Concerns
  • Strategies for Managing Behavior
  • Referral Process for Additional Assistance

Call our Warm Line (386-323-2400 ext. 8804) and an Inclusion Specialist will speak with you about your concerns and determine what the next steps should be. You can also call the State of Florida Warm Line (toll-free): 866-357-3239

Submit an online request for assistance.