Children’s Home Society of Florida (Mental Health Services)

Overwhelmed? Anxious? Angry? Sad? Struggling to make it through another day? Counseling services through CHS can provide the help you’ve been longing for – for yourself, your child and your family. Offices are located in both Volusia and Flagler Counties. We all face challenges … and that’s OK. CHS empowers you to work through and overcome the roadblocks holding you back from realizing your full potential. Download a counseling brochure, referral form, and make an … Read more

The House Next Door (Mental Health Services)

The House Next Door’s mission is to nurture and empower families to help build stronger communities. Their family education and support programs serve children and families in the school, community, and in the home. Therapy services can be provided in response to such issues as crisis, trauma, individual or family dysfunction, sexual or physical abuse, job loss, substance abuse, adoption, foster placement, depression and/or chronic illness. Counseling Services available for families, individuals, or couples. Additional support includes … Read more

Listen to a Story Read by Our Help Me Grow Specialist!

Did you know reading even just 15 minutes per day with your child can prepare them for future success? Take the time before bedtime or naptime to let your child, if old enough, choose a book to read together. You’re not just strengthening your parent/caregiver bond, you’re helping your child develop their literacy and vocabulary skills, as well as cognitive skills. Sounds like a win-win to us! Listen to Help Me Grow Specialist Crystal Burns … Read more

Resource Guide for Mental Health and Substance Abuse

Resources in this guide include: outpatient/inpatient counseling medication management foster care and adoption services sexual trauma, abuse, and neglect anger management substance abuse and mental health evaluations psychiatric evaluations targeted case management grief counseling substance abuse counseling alternative schools depression, anxiety, trauma counseling and supports   Wellness Resources