Fun Ocean-Themed Activities To Support Your Child’s Problem-Solving Skill Development!

It’s important for young children to learn how to solve problems because it helps them develop other important skills like thinking carefully, making good choices, and being creative. When kids practice solving problems by themselves or with others, they become stronger and better at handling tough situations. They learn to face challenges with a positive attitude. These skills are very important for their future success. Try it: On your next family day, visit the beach … Read more

Easy Activities to Help Your Child Develop Their Fine Motor Skills

Fine motor skills involve the use of the small muscles in our hands and fingers as well as hand-eye coordination. Fine motor skills help children perform important tasks such as feeding themselves, picking up objects, and pointing. Fine motor skills help young children accomplish self-care and everyday tasks as well as build their self-esteem and confidence. Here are some fine motor activities you can try with your child: Infants Blow bubbles for them to pop … Read more

Activities to Support Your Child’s Developing Sense of Self

toddler smiling in mirror

Children between the ages of infant – school-age are discovering so much about the world around them. Another discovery they’re making is their sense of self. A person’s sense of self is what they believe or understand about who they are, their social connections, and their individual abilities. Sense of self helps children to build self-esteem, confidence, and positive relationships with others.   Here are activities to help support your young child’s sense of self. Infants … Read more