8 Ways to Support Your Child’s Social-Emotional Development

Social-emotional development consists of three main areas of a child’s ability to self-regulate. Acting – behaving appropriately in social environments and in ways that foster learning. Feeling – the ability to regulate their own emotions and understand the emotions of others. Thinking – the ability to regulate their attention and thoughts. You can support your child’s social emotional development by simply modeling each of these three main areas in your own behavior. Show your child … Read more

The Importance of Sharing & Playing Together

The Importance of Sharing & Playing Together Playing can help children develop their social skills with others. Play experiences with other children allow them to listen, pay attention, and share. This helps the child explore their feelings and develop self-discipline. Learning to share helps children make and keep friends, play cooperatively, take turns, and learn how to cope with disappointment.   Try these group activities and games to encourage your child’s development in sharing and … Read more

10 Ways to Encourage Your Preschooler to Read

By Louise Baigelman via Understood Use these strategies to help make reading familiar and fun for your preschooler. These tips can also help kids who learn and think differently start to work on the basic skills they need to become readers. 1. Read stories to your child. Try to read together every day. Make this a special one-on-one time that your child can look forward to. Curl up together in a cozy chair or designate a … Read more

Toys & Activities For Creative Thinking & Imagination for Ages 0-2

Help foster your child’s creativity and imagination with these fun toy activities. by Michelle Anthony, PhD via Scholastic Open-ended toys: These are toys that can be played without an end goal in mind, encouraging creative problem solving and fostering imagination. Blocks: Foster thinking such as measurement, equality, balance, shape, spatial relationships, cause-and-effect, physical properties, gravity, etc. Think of many different kinds: wooden, bristle, Duplo®, etc. Magnetic and foam blocks are particularly good for younger infants, … Read more